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Lab & Production Ware

Vessels, containers, scoops, tweezers, cleaning coupons and a huge selection of associated items for use the in the laboratory, warehouse and production
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Angled Stainless Forceps (Tweezers)

Our range of angled stainless steel tweezers make it easy to pick up intricate items such as samples..

Chemical Spoon and Spatula

Our chemical spoon and spatula come in range of sizes and volumes. The heavy duty design means they ..

Dosing and Volumetric Spoon (1.25 - 100ml)

Our stainless steel dosing and volumetric spoons are ideal for measuring powders and liquids. They a..


FoodScoops 100ml

Stainless steel FoodScoops are used in thousands of food companies around the world. These stainless..

Hand Paddle With Holes

The Hand Paddle is ideal for stirring and mixing liquids in a tank or vat. The short handle means it..

Hand Scraper

Our robust hand scrapers have a large sturdy handle and large 250mm wide blade. This large stiff bla..

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Pro Whisk Stainless Steel

The stainless steel Pro Whisks are ideal for mixing liquids and creams. They come in a wide variety ..


The PureBag from Sampling Systems is an ideal bag for sealing powders or liquids. These sterile bags..

PureBag - Stand UP

The sterile Stand Up bags make transferring samples even easier. The Bags automatically stand up and..

Sampler Stand

Sampler stands are ideal for keeping the sampler clean by keeping it off the work bench. It often ma..

Stainless Filling Scoop

The filling Scoop from Sampling Systems can be used to fill bags and bottles through the handle. The..

Stainless Sample Splitter

Our stainless steel Sample Splitters (riffle boxes) are ideal when dividing and reducing the bulk sa..

Stainless Steel Tong

Effortlessly pickup and manoeuvre items with our hygienic tongs. The all stainless steel constructio..

SteriWare Powder Bottle

Our Disposable Powder Bottles are a new premium screw top bottle that are moulded in a class 100,000..

Straight Tweezers - 316L stainless steel

Our straight tweezers (forceps) make it easy to pick up intricate items such as samples, tissue, via..

Tight Head Drum (10 - 200 Litres)

Our stainless steel tight head drums are perfect for the storage and processing of food products and..

Wrist lanyard

The hand lanyard from Sampling Systems is the ideal strap to use around the wrist. It can be used on..

In Stream Grab Sampler

Our long-handled grab sampler is designed to reach and take a sample from a distance or when it is d..

Mini-Drums 304ss with toggle clamps (1 to 15 litre)

A multipurpose stainless steel container available in a range of sizes from 1 to 15 litres. Ideal fo..

Powder Pots (316L Stainless steel)

These stainless steel containers with screw on lids are manufactured from chemically resistant 316L ..

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