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Single use sampling and laboratory equipment. No cleaning required unwrap and use
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Sterile Liquid and Powder Bottle

A range of high quality, Wide Mouth Sterile Bottles. The bottles have a body made from HDPE and a sc..

SteriWare FoodScoop PP - BLUE

These high quality food scoops are available sterile and non sterile. In order to be easily spotted ..

SteriWare Jumbo Pipette

Sampling of liquid is quick and easy with our range of jumbo pipettes. Available in 3 handy lengths ..

Blue SteriWare Funnel. PP

Our range of single use, disposable liquid funnels are ideal for use in laboratories and manufacturi..

Blue SteriWare Scraper - PP

Disposable Blue ScraperThe Sampling Systems range of blue disposable Scrapers are available sterile ..

SteriWare Cake Cutter

Our individually bagged cake sampler can be used straight from the bag. They are used to take a 2 – ..

SteriWare Forceps (Tweezers)

Our disposable forceps are available in both sterile and non sterile versions. They are suitable for..

SteriWare Funnel

Disposable, single use, sterile liquid funnels. They are ideal for use in laboratories and in manufa..

SteriWare Jugs (Non Graduated)

The disposable Jug range is available both pre sterilised and non sterile. This avoids any cleaning ..

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SteriWare Knife

The single use knife from SteriWare is an ideal tool for cutting and manipulating material. It is id..


SteriWare LiquiDip Duo

Liquid sampling can not get easier than the LiquiDip Duo.  Simply push into the liquid or material a..

SteriWare Micro-Spatula

The disposable Micro Spatula is ideal for a wide range of activities including sampling, dispensing ..

SteriWare Mixing Bowl - 500ml and 3 Litre

The mixing bowl is ideal for laboratory and production work. It is manufactured from food grade, Eur..

SteriWare Pallet Knife

Disposable Pallet Knives are ideal for use in manufacturing areas and laboratories. Disposable Palle..

SteriWare PharmaScoop HDPE

The Sampling Systems range of disposable scoops have been specially designed and manufactured for hy..

SteriWare PharmaScoop PS - RED

Our disposable Red Scoops are a popular item for use in laboratory, production and quality work. The..

SteriWare Powder Funnel

Disposable Powder Funnels are ideal for transferring powders and granules. These powder funnels are ..

SteriWare Powder Sampler

The Powder Sampler from Sampling Systems is ideal for taking large volume samples from powders, gran..

SteriWare Scraper

Disposable Scrapers are perfect for cutting, cleaning and general scraping. They are made from high ..

SteriWare Tray

Our sterile and non sterile trays are used for multiple tasks such as storing and mixing solutions o..

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