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Single use sampling and laboratory equipment. No cleaning required unwrap and use
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SteriWare Food Ladle - Blue

Our blue ladles are ideal for taking samples of liquids and creams in food and chemical companies. S..

SteriWare Mono Slot Sampler

The disposable Mono Slot Sampler is ideal for taking a single sample from free flowing powders and g..

SteriWare Powder Bottle

Our Disposable Powder Bottles are a new premium screw top bottle that are moulded in a class 100,000..

SteriWare Powder Probe

The SteriWare Powder Probe is a single use, disposable sampler and is used for taking a cross sectio..

Sterile Food Spoons

The blue sample spoon from Sampling Systems is ideal for sampling small amounts of powder. The sampl..

SteriWare Ladle

Our range of sampling ladles are ideal for taking samples of liquids. They can be pushed into the li..

SteriWare Sample Spoons RED

Our class leading red single use Spoons are manufactured from food grade polystyrene (PS) or polypro..

Metal Detectable Jug

The Sampling Systems range of detectable jugs are ideal for use in food, pharma and chemical industr..

Metal Detectable Ladle

Our metal detectable liquid sampling ladles are made from a special chemically resistant grade of PP..

Metal Detectable Liquid Funnel

Our metal detectable funnels have a simple handle near the edge so they are easy to use. They are ma..

Metal Detectable Long Handled Scoops

Our Long Handled Metal Detectable Scoops are perfect for both sampling and dispensing when working w..

Metal Detectable Long Handled Spoon

Powder sampling is easy with  our metal detectable spoons. They have a very long handle which means ..

Metal Detectable Micro Spatula

The Sampling Systems detectable micro spatula are made from a special chemically resistant grade of ..

Metal Detectable Pallet Knife and Stirrer

The detectable stirrer and pallet knives are made from a special chemically resistant grade of PP. T..

Metal Detectable Powder Funnel

The Sampling Systems metal detectable powder funnels are made from a special chemically resistant gr..

Metal Detectable Scoops

Our Metal Detectable Scoops are made from a food grade polypropylene (PP). The scoops are perfect fo..

Metal Detectable Scraper

Our detectable scrapers are ideal for work in production, industrial and laboratories. They are made..

Metal Detectable Spoons

Our Metal Detectable Spoons are made from food grade polypropylene (PP). A special food grade filler..

Metal Detectable V Spatula

The Sampling Systems metal detectable V-Spatula allows for fast powder sampling. They are made from ..

Metal Detectable Volumetric Spoon

The Sampling Systems detectable volumetric spoons are made from a special chemically resistant grade..

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