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Environmental Samplers

Telescopic rods, sampling kits and multi purpose environmental samplers.
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Attachments for TeleScoop

Water sampling is quick and easy with the Sampling Systems TeleScoop. This type of telescopic sample..

Stainless Dipper

Stainless Dippers are ideal for taking surface samples from liquids and suspensions. The sampler has..

Tank Sampling Device - Pump Sampler

The sampling of water, oils and other low viscosity liquids is easy with the Tank Pump Sampler set. ..

TeleScoop - Water Sampler

Our new improved TeleScoop is the ultimate extendable sampler for liquid and water sampling. It cons..

Aluminium Slot Sampler

The Aluminium Slot Sampler is designed for taking multilevel, zone samples from powders and granules..

Enviro Dipper Set

The Enviro Dipper is perfect for environmental sampling of liquids in streams, rivers etc.. The 300m..

Grain Spear

Highly representative sampling is fast and simple with our aluminium grain Spear sampler. This spira..

Soil Auger Sampler

The auger Sampler takes a sample by screwing into the soil. It is ideal for hard, stiff soils partic..

Soil Cup Sampler

Our Cup for soil sampling takes a fast sample by being pushed into the soil. It is ideal for softer ..

Soil Sampler

The Soil Sampler takes a grab sample of soil, silt and similar material. The robust stainless steel ..

Soil Sampler Pro

The Soil Sampler Pro is ideal for a wide range of environments. It takes a fast cross sectional soil..

Soil Scoop Sampler with Foot Rest

Our Soil Scoop Sampler takes a fast sample by being pushed into the soil. It is ideal for softer soi..

Soil Screw Sampler

The Soil Sampler screw takes a sample by screwing into the soil. The spiral auger shape like a core ..

Deep Water Sampler

The Deep Water Sampler is a large volume liquid and water sampler that is ideal for sampling at larg..

Dipping Bottle

Dipping Bottles are designed to take samples from open water as well as tanks, drums, wells and larg..

Immersion Cylinder Sampler

Immersion Cylinders are designed to take liquid samples from open water as well tanks, drums, wells ..

Liquid Sampler - Sub Sampler Pro

The Sub Sampler Pro is used throughout the world for both chemical and environmental sampling. Also ..

Snapper Sediment Sampler

The Snapper sediment sampler is ideal for sampling in lakes, rivers, ponds etc.... It takes samples ..

Long Temperature Probe

Our long Temperature Probe enables you to accurately measure the temperature of your product at dept..

In Stream Grab Sampler

Our long-handled grab sampler is designed to reach and take a sample from a distance or when it is d..

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