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Stainless Steel Scoops

Stainless steel, PharmaScoops, long handled, economy and industrial scoops for powder and granule applications.
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Bailer Made in 316L Stainless Steel

Out stainless steel Bailers are ideal when working with liquids and suspensions. They are manufactur..

PharmaScoops - High Quality 316L Stainless Steel Scoops

PharmaScoops are a range of scoops (spades) for use with powders and granules. They are made from he..

Stainless Dipper

Stainless Dippers are ideal for taking surface samples from liquids and suspensions. The sampler has..

Long Handled PharmaScoop

The Long Handled PharmaScoop is available in a range of sizes from 10ml to 1 litre. They are ideal f..

Open PharmaScoops

Open PharmaScoops are ideal general purpose scoops. They have a wide, fully open construction so ar..

GMP Scoop in 316L Stainless Steel

Sampling Systems GMP scoops are suitable for the most demanding of applications. The fully radiused ..

Square PharmaScoops

The Square PharmaScoop are a popular scoop due to the flat base which means they are easy to fill on..


FoodScoops 100ml

Stainless steel FoodScoops are used in thousands of food companies around the world. These stainless..

Stainless Filling Scoop

The filling Scoop from Sampling Systems can be used to fill bags and bottles through the handle. The..

Stainless Ladle

Sampling Systems' Ladles are made from hygienic stainless steel and are ideal for pouring and sampli..

Weighing PharmaScoop

Weighing PharmaScoops are designed with a flat bottom so that they are free standing. This feature i..

Jumbo PharmaScoop with Ergonomic Handle

A range of high quality sampling scoops manufactured from 316L stainless steel are ideal for quality..


The Corer Qualirod Sampler is the ideal tool for taking samples of semi solid materials such as waxe..

Economy Scoops

The economy scoop range is ideal for general purpose use in chemical and food production. The rounde..

Ice Scoop

The Ice Scoop is designed for scooping ice cubes and pieces of broken ice. The body of the scoop has..

Industrial Scoops

Stainless steel industrial scoops are cost effective scoops for general purpose use. They have a rob..


The MaxiCorer is suitable for taking samples of semi solid materials such as cheese, wax, butter etc..

MiniCorer - Ideal for Sampling Cheese, Wax, Butter etc..

The Mini Corer is the ideal choice for taking samples of cheese, wax, butter etc… It comes in 3 hand..

PTFE Scoops

PTFE Scoops are ideal when you want the ultimate in chemical resistance. The ergonomic shape means t..

Scorpion PharmaScoop

Sampling Systems are the worlds leading supplier of high quality scoops. The Scorpion PharmaScoops a..

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