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NEW - Pendulum Beaker
Our new improved pendulum beaker is not only cheaper due to an improved simpler design but also stronger. It is made from food grade plastic. The pendulum beaker can be attached to our telescopic rods. It is ideal for liquid sampling from tanks, lakes, rivers and sea water. The clever design of the beaker means it stays level as it is removed from the liquid. This helps prevent spillage. For more info click here.       ..
NEW - Double Bagged USP Class VI  Ladles
Our new range of double bagged ladles are perfect for the most demanding of applications including cleanroom and GMP production. The HDPE plastc is also USP class VI. The ladles are perfect for liquid sampling from the top of containers. For more info click here ..
NEW - PTFE Liquid Sub Sampler
Our all new PTFE Sub Sampler is ideal for sampling highly corrosive liquids. It is manufactured from 100% PTFE which has excellent chemical resistance to most materials. The Sub Sampler takes a large 500ml liquid sample and is perfect for sampling from large tanks. Simply drop the sampler into the tank to the required depth or all the way to the bottom to take a sample. Emptying and cleaning is quick and easy. For more info click here. ..
NEW - Improved Hand Reel
Our new improved hand reel has an even stronger heavy duty design. New features include a locking mechanism which makes it easier to use. Also there are handy hooks which means the reel can be secured safely when not in use. This is perfect for use with ou range of liquid samplers These hand reels are available from stock for fast delivery worldwide. For more info please click here. ..
NEW-Tank Sampling Device With our Pump Sampler and Plastic Bottles
Our new tank sampling device can be used used with kegs, drums, totes etc.... The pump comes in 2 handy sets with either 150ml or 250ml bottles. Each set includes 10m tube, hose cutter, the pump and a case for safe storage. It is typically used for sampling viscous materials like oils, water etc.... The pump works up to 4m deep with materials like water. Special adapters can be made to fit your bottles. For more info click here. ..
NEW  Liquid Sampler - The  PeriPump
The new liquid sampler from Sampling is Systems is our hand operated PeriPump. The peristaltic pump is a quick way of taking liquid and water samples up to 8m deep. Features of the sampler include the high powered drive unit and the fact that only the tube becomes contaminated. It is sold as a handy set which includes the drive unit, 10m tube, hose weight, 2 spare batteries all in a sturdy case. For more info click here. ..
Snow comes early in Finland but sampling still carries on.
The photos show our best selling TeleScoop being used river sampling in beautiful, cold Finland.  Special thanks must go to our customer for sending us the photos. If you have any interesting photos of our equipment being used please send them to info@sampling.com and you too can be seen here. For more info on our best selling Telescoop range please click here. ..
NEW The Deep Water Sampler.
The Deep Water Sampler is ideal for liquid and water sampling. It can be used in tanks, wells, containers, rivers and the sea. It takes a sample from the lowest point the sampler is lowered to. Manufactured from heavy duty plastic to give a tough rugged design. For more info click here. ..
NEW Video from Sampling Systems of our SteriWare Jumbo Pipettes.
The Jumbo Pipettes from are quick and easy to use, ideal for taking samples from low viscosity liquids. The video shows simply how easy it is to take liquid samples. Simply unwrap and use. The pipettes are easy to use and come in 3 convenient length - 450, 900 and 1100mm long For more info click here. ..
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