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Glass Thumb Tube Pipettes

Glass Thumb Tube Pipettes

Available in tough borosilicate glass

  • Manufactured from tough borosilicate glass
  • Simple to use (operation as above)
  • Individually wrapped for pre-cleaned versions
  • For best control over liquid when sampling use Jumbo Pipettes or the Disposable LiquiThief

Part No Overall Length Overall Diameter Internal Diameter Sterile Material Max Sample Volume Quantity per Box
5055B-50 1000mm 12mm 9mm No Borosilicate Glass 60ml 50
5055B-50TC* 1000mm 12mm 9mm No - Cleaned Borosilicate Glass 60ml 50

* Tapered to 6mm to allow extra product control                ** Tapered to 3mm to allow extra product control

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