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Crevice Free GMP Marking System

Sampling Systems` Etch-It system is the ideal way to permanently mark both stainless steel and aluminium.
Hygienic, GMP correct, crevice free etchings can be done in seconds.

Etching Masks and Etching Paper

An Etching Mask is required as a template for your text.

Etching Masks can be quickly and easily made using the Etch-It printer. These masks can be used up to two or three times.



1. Make an Etching Mask

Produce your own etching masks quickly and easily. Simply type the text you require and print it straight on to the etching paper. The etching paper is supplied in a special cassette

  • Range of font types and sizes
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Etching paper supplied in an easy to load cassette
  • Requires 230v 50Hz electrical supply or 8 x Batteries Size AA (R6) - not supplied



etch it

2. Etch

1. Plug In the leads 2. Attach Lead on item that is to be etched 3. Place the Etching Mask and apply the etching fluid using the Electrolyte Applicator 4. Clean etching area thoroughly using demineralised water

Part No. Description
8096A-1 Etch-It Starter Kit containing:
  1 x Etch-It power unit (requires 230v 50Hz)
  1 x Cassette of etching paper (3m paper per cassette)
  1 x Bottle of etching fluid - 1000ml
  1 x Set of leads for attaching to equipment to be etched
  1 x Electrolyte Applicator
  1 x Etch-It printer (requires 230v 50Hz or 8 Batteries size AA (R6) - not supplied)
8096A-2 Cassette of etching paper (3m paper per cassette)
8096A-3 Bottle of etching fluid - 1000ml
Please contact us for special custom made, high quality Etching Masks that can be repeatedly used.

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