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sieve-it test sieves
High Quality test sieves for accurate and efficient particle size analysis.
The Seal-It Impulse Bag Sealer is a quick, easy and clean way to seal your samplers and equipment in plastic lay flat tubing.
Sampling Systems` Etch-It system is the ideal way to permanently mark both stainless steel and aluminium.

Hygienic, GMP correct, crevice free etchings can be done in seconds.
Titrating Burette
The Sampling Systems range of automatic burettes are ideal when dosing small amounts of liquids.
sample splitters
  • The Sampling Systems range of splitters is available in both stainless steel and standard steel
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Contact us for delivery time
sieve shakers
High performance test sieve shaker offering excellent operator control for maximum efficiency.
blend-it sample blender
The Blend-It LC005 sample blender is ideal for blending composite samples prior to analysis.
Taking swabs from high and difficult to reach places has always been a problem. The TeleSwab with its extendable handle overcomes these problems and allows operators to quickly and easily take swabs from previously inaccessible places.
The Sampling Systems thermometer is a robust device ideal for a range of materials.
Stainless Sample Splitter
Sample Splitters are used when dividing and reducing the bulk sample. Operation is very simple.