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Enviro Dipper

Enviro Dipper

The Enviro Dipper is a simple and yet effective method of taking a surface sample. Simply lower the bucket into the liquid.

The stainless steel bucket can be ordered with either a stainless steel chain or a braided polypropylene cord.


enviro dipper

Part No. Description
A725-300 Stainless Steel Bucket - 300ml
5070S-10 Chain - 316 stainless steel - 10m - with 316ss shackle
5070S-25 Chain - 316 stainless steel - 25m - with 316ss shackle
5070S-50 Chain - 316 stainless steel - 50m - with 316ss shackle
5070P-10 Braided Cord - Polypropylene 10m
5070P-25 Braided Cord - Polypropylene 25m
5070P-50 Braided Cord - Polypropylene 50m
5070D-04 Standard heavy duty hand reel