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SteriWare Cupped V Powder Spatula
SteriWare Cupped V Powder Spatula SteriWare Cupped V Powder Spatula SteriWare Cupped V Powder Spatula

SteriWare Cupped V Powder Spatula

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The dispsoable  V spatula is ideal for powder and harder material sampling. It is commonly used for surface sampling, raw material testing and general goods in testing. The cupped design means it sample a fixed volume. It also stop powder flowing out which frequently happens with traditional open ended spatula designs. Manufactured to the highest standard in a medical cleanroom to ensure cleanliness and supplied with full documentation.

Available in 2 widths and 3 lengths to ensure you have the right sampling tool for the job. The narrow versions are ideal if you want to put the sample into the test tube or take a small sample. The longer version is ideal when you want to take more of a cross sectional sample.


The disposable V spatula comes pre bagged and ready to use. Simply unwrap and use. No cleaning or cleaning validation is required. Available in 2 versions, either sterile or non sterile versions.  It comes with an ergonomic handle and it has a free standing design.

Sterile and non sterile spatulas are ideal when a robust tool is required. 

  • QUALITY - Made from high quality PS that conforms to the latest food grade, EC and FDA standards. BSE/TSE free. Batch certificates of conformity supplied.

  • CLEANROOM - Moulded and Packed in a medical cleanroom to maintain cleanliness. Simply unwrap and use.

  • FAST DELIVERY - Over 1 million stock items. Delivered almost everywhere within 1 - 2 days.

  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - Over 10,000 happy customers worldwide


  Specification Sheets   Certificate
8115N-100 V-Spatula Narrow 100mm - non sterile 8115 SteriWare V-Spatulas Type 2 - Certificate of Conformity
8115N-100S V-Spatula Narrow 100mm - sterile    
8115N-150 V-Spatula Narrow 150mm - non sterile    
8115N-150S V-Spatula Narrow 150mm - sterile    
8115N-250 V-Spatula Narrow 250mm - non sterile    
8115N-250S V-Spatula Narrow 250mm - sterile    
8115A-100 V-Spatula 100mm - non sterile    
8115A-100S V-Spatula 100mm - sterile    
8115A-150 V-Spatula 150mm - non sterile    
8115A-150S V-Spatula 150mm - sterile    
8115A-250 V-Spatula 250mm - non sterile    
8115A-250S V-Spatula 250mm - sterile    
Part No. Blade Length mm Blade Width mm Colour Sterile Pack
8115N-100 100 10 White No 100
8115N-100S 100 10 White Yes 100
8115N-150 150 10 White No 100
8115N-150S 150 10 White Yes 100
8115N-250 250 10 White No 100
8115N-250S 250 10 White Yes 100
8115A-100 100 20 White No 100
8115A-100S 100 20 White Yes 100
8115A-150 150 20 White No 100
8115A-150S 150 20 White Yes 100
8115A-250 250 20 White No 100
8115A-250S 250 20 White Yes 100
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