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SteriWare Dosing Spoon 2.5 / 5ml
Single-use, disposable Dosing Spoons

Ideal for Powders and Liquids

The Sampling Systems dosing spoons are a cost effective spoon for sampling, decanting and measuring. The double ended spoon means both 2.5 and 5ml can be measured and sampled from the same spoon. They are ideal for use in the hospitals, laboratory, quality control and production environments.

They are moulded and individually packed in a cleanroom to ensure cleanliness. We carry large stocks so they can be delivered anywhere in the world fast.

  • Manufactured from robust shatterproof PS.
  • EC and FDA conforming material
  • BSE/TSE free
  • Fast delivery worldwide
  • Packing is in our easy open but robust bags. The bags are FDA and EC compliant material
  • SAL10-6
  • Special colours and packing are available on request (subject to minimum quantities)

sterile, single use plastic dosing spoon. Moulded and packed in a cleanroom
Why Use a Disposable?
  • Cross-contamination risk is eliminated - the device can be used straight from the bag
  • No cleaning is required before or after sampling
  • No cleaning validation (this is very expensive to set up and run)
  • Manufactured in a class 100,000 cleanroom environment
  • Peace of mind
  • Suitable for all industries (pharmaceutical, food, chemical, cosmetic, biotechnology etc.)
  • Suitable for use in ATEX Zones 0, 1 & 2 (contact Sampling Systems for full details)
  • Financial
  • Save time and money (it will cost more to clean a reusable scoop than to buy a disposable one)
Part No. Sterile Material Quantity per Box
8642A-01 No PS 130
8642A-01S Yes PS 130


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