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sterile pharmascoop
Scoops are essential pieces of equipment for dispensaries and manufacturing plants. The Sampling Systems range of disposable PharmaScoops® are the ultimate in quality and affordability.
disposable sample spoon
Ideal for dispensing and sampling small quantities. These single use Sample Spoons are made in a Cleanroom and are individually bagged.
steriware foodspoon
Highly Visible Sampling spoon

The blue sample spoon from Sampling Systems is ideal for sampling small amounts of powder.

disposable volumetric spoon
Volumetric Spoons allow small volumes to be accurately measured. The Volumetric Spoons are designed to be used straight from the bag.
sterile scoop
A range of sterile scoops for the food industry. Made from bright blue polypropylene.
Ideal for Powders and Liquids

The Sampling Systems dosing spoons are a cost effective spoon for sampling, decanting and measuring.