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disposable powder sampler
The Disposable Powder Sampler is ideal for taking a single large volume sample from a single known point.
disposable powder lance
The Disposable Powder Lance is ideal for taking a cross sectional sample through a bulk powder.
disposable sack sampler
The Disposable Sack Master is a hygienic, single use device that has been specially designed to take samples through the side of a sack.
disposable powdersafe
The PowderSafe comprises of our best selling Powder Spatula complete with click-on container. The see through container slips over the blade of the spatula and is securely locked into place.
Scoops are essential pieces of equipment for dispensaries and manufacturing plants. The Sampling Systems range of disposable PharmaScoops® are the ultimate in quality and affordability.
sterile, disposable volumetric spoons
Volumetric Spoons allow small volumes to be accurately measured. The Volumetric Spoons are designed to be used straight from the bag.
sterile scoop
A range of sterile scoops for the food industry. Made from bright blue polypropylene.
sterile scoop
The disposable Mono Slot Sampler is ideal for taking a single sample from free flowing powders and granules.
sterile scoop
The SteriWare Flat Spatula can be used for dispensing small quantities, stirring liquids and sampling. They are manufactured and packed in a hygienic cleanroom.
disposable powder thief
The Disposable PowderThief is ideal for taking representative samples from known locations within the bulk powder. These devices are available in two convenient lengths and four sample volumes.

disposable slot sampler
The Disposable Slot Sampler is ideal for taking a multilevel, cross sectional sample from powders and granules.
disposable powder spatula
Sampling and dispensing small quantities of powders has never been easier thanks to the Powder Spatula.
disposable micro spatulas
Ideal for handling small quantities of powders & granules
disposable sample spoons
Ideal for dispensing and sampling small quantities
single use steriware knife
Hygienic Knife, made in a cleanroom
The disposable Knife is ideal for sample preparation and general laboratory use.
Powder Probe
The disposable Powder Probe is ideal for taking a cross sectional sample through a bulk powder. It is similar to the Powder Lance but has an additional tip on the end. This makes it ideal for very free flowing powder.
Powder Probe
The cupped powder spatula is ideal for powder and granule sampling. The cupped design means that even very free flowing powders remain in the spatulas.