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Powder Samplers

Powder thief, slot sampler, scoops and spoons. All ideal for single use powder sampling and use in production and laboratories.
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BLUE SteriWare Cupped Powder Spatula
Our blue Cupped Powder Spatulas is ideal for surface and general sampling. The blue colour means it is easily seen if left in the powder. The range sp..
RED SteriWare Cupped Powder Spatula
The red Cupped Powder Spatula is the ideal sample for surface sampling and general quality control work. It's very popular for goods in sampling. The ..
Single Use Production and Sampling Scoop
The Sampling Systems single use scoops are manufactured to the highest standards. Everything from the ergonomic design, cleanroom production to the cl..
Sterile Sample Spoons
Our sterile sampling spoons are the ideal tool for taking powder or liquid samples. They are supplied individually bagged so you just need to open the..
SteriWare Cupped Powder Spatula
The disposable Cupped Powder Spatula is ideal for powder and granule sampling. The cupped design means that even very free-flowing powders remain in ..
SteriWare Mini Spoon (2.5ml and 5ml)
Single-use, disposable Dosing SpoonsIdeal for Powders and LiquidsThe Sampling Systems dosing spoons are a cost effective spoon for sampling, decanting..
SteriWare PharmaScoop PS (White) - BEST SELLER
The Sampling Systems range of non-sterile and sterile scoops are the tool of choice for thousands of companies around the world.Our sterile, disposabl..
SteriWare Sack and Bag Sampler
The SteriWare Sack and Bag Sampler is perfect for taking samples from sacks and bags. This sampler is ideal for fast quality checks through the sides ..
SteriWare Sample Spoons RED
Our class leading red single use Spoons are manufactured from food grade polystyrene (PS) or polypropylene (PP). The sturdy handle means taking both s..
Blue SteriWare Powder Spatula
SteriWare Powder Spatulas Sampling are ideal for dispensing and sampling small quantities of powders and granules. The blue Powder Spatulas are made f..
SteriWare Open V Spatula NARROW & STANDARD
Our open ended disposable V spatula are ideal for sampling, raw material testing and general goods in testing. Manufactured to the highest standard in..
SteriWare Powder Spatula
Sampling and dispensing quantities of powders have never been easier thanks to the sterile Powder Spatula. The Powder Spatula is tough and comfortabl..
SteriWare PowderSafe
The PowderSafe comprises of our best selling Powder Spatula complete with a see through, click-on container. The container slips over the blade of th..
AccuPod Sample Thief - Fast Unit Dose Sampling
The AccuPod® is ideal for unit dose sampling powders and granules. It is frequently used in sampling blend uniformity, drug development and general qu..
SteriWare Cupped V Powder Spatula
The dispsoable  V spatula is ideal for powder and harder material sampling. It is commonly used for surface sampling, raw material testing and general..
SteriWare Flat Spatula
The SteriWare Flat Spatula are exceptionally useful items in the laboratory. The wide flat blade makes them ideal for dispensing and sampling small qu..
SteriWare Long Handled Scoop
SteriWare Long Handled Scoops are the ideal tool for reaching into deep containers. The extra long handle will help operators keep their hands out o..
SteriWare Long Handled Spoons
The long handed spoons mean it is easy to scoop powder and liquid from a distance. It also means they can be easily seen if left in the powder. These..
SteriWare Mono Slot Sampler
Disposable Mono Slot SamplerSingle Point Sampler - 50ml  The disposable Mono Slot Sampler is ideal for taking a single sample from free flowing powder..
SteriWare Powder Probe
The SteriWare Powder Probe is a single use, disposable sampler and is used for taking a cross sectional sample through a bulk powder. It is similar t..
Disposable Sack sampler
Disposable Sack Sampler Take Samples through the side of a Sack ..
Metal Detectable Long Handled Spoon
Powder sampling is easy with  our metal detectable spoons. They have a very long handle which means they are easy to see if left in the powder/ They a..
Metal Detectable Micro Spatula
The Sampling Systems detectable micro spatula are made from a special chemically resistant grade of PP. The whole range is manufactured in cleanroom c..
Metal Detectable Spoons
Our Metal Detectable Spoons are made from food grade polypropylene (PP). A special food grade filler is mixed with the PP and this makes the final pro..
Metal Detectable V Spatula
The Sampling Systems metal detectable V-Spatula allows for fast powder sampling. They are made from a special tough, chemically resistant grade of PP...
Metal Detectable Volumetric Spoon
The Sampling Systems detectable volumetric spoons are made from a special chemically resistant grade of PP. The whole range is manufactured in cleanro..
SteriWare FoodScoop PP - BLUE
These high quality food scoops are available sterile and non sterile. In order to be easily spotted (if they are left behind in the powder) they are m..
Sample Kit - 10 off Sterile Scoops and Bags
Sample KitThe Sampling Systems sample kit makes remote sampling fast and simple. Each handy kit comprises of 10 sterile scoops and 10 sterile bags. Th..
Sterile Food Spoons
The blue sample spoon from Sampling Systems is ideal for sampling small amounts of powder. The sampling spoons are manufactured from food grade polypr..
SteriWare Micro-Spatula
The disposable Micro Spatula is ideal for a wide range of activities including sampling, dispensing and measuring small amounts of powder and granule...
SteriWare PharmaScoop HDPE
Our high quality range of single use scoops are available in sterile and non sterile versions. This HDPE version gives superior chemical resistance ov..
SteriWare PharmaScoop PS - RED
Red PharmaScoops are a popular alternative to traditional white powder scoops. The bright red colour means that they can be easily seen if left in the..
SteriWare Powder Lance
Disposable Powder Lance Cross Sectional Sampler - No Cleaning Required ..
SteriWare Powder Sampler
The Powder Sampler from Sampling Systems is ideal for taking large volume samples from powders, granules or other solid materials. These samplers ca..
SteriWare Powder Thief
Disposable Powder Thief ..
SteriWare Slot Sampler
Disposable Slot SamplerCross Sectional Multilevel Sampler The sterile, disposable Slot Sampler is ideal for taking a multilevel, cross sectional sampl..
SteriWare Volumetric Spoons
SteriWare Volumetric Spoons enable small volumes to be accurately measured. Volumetric Spoons are suitable for use with powders, granules, liquids, ge..
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