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disposable pallet knife
Single use Pallet Knife made from HDPE. These Pallet Knives are available in two lengths. Each Pallet Knife is individually bagged. Moulded & Packed in a Cleanroom.
disposable funnel
High quality disposable liquid funnel made from HDPE. Disposable Funnels are available pre-sterilised or non-sterile. Moulded & Packed in a Cleanroom
disposable trays
High quality, hygienic trays for laboratory & hospital use. Made from from FDA acceptable PP.
disposable volumetric spoons
Disposable Volumetric Spoons allow small volumes to be accurately measured. The Volumetric Spoons are designed to be used straight from the bag.
pharma bottles
Powder Bottles have a wide mouth and so are ideal for when working with powders.
Disposable Powder Funnel
The new disposable Powder Funnel is ideal for transferring powders.
Disposable Powder Funnel
The SteriWare Counting Triangle is ideal for counting round tablets. They are manufactured and packed in a cleanroom and so can be used straight from the bag.
disposable scraper
Robust, single use Scraper made from HDPE. Available in two sizes. Moulded and individually bagged in a Cleanroom
disposable bowls

Ideal for handling and mixing Powders and Liquids. These single use bowls are made from HDPE.

disposable jugs
Disposable Jugs have a wide base which makes them very stable. The handle is rounded to make it comfortable to hold.
disposable sample spoons
Ideal for dispensing and sampling small quantities
steriware knife
Hygienic Knife, made in a cleanroom. The disposable Knife is ideal for sample preparation and general laboratory use.
Disposable Tweezers
Its unique design means it can pick up both small and large items.
Disposable Tweezers
The disposable counting trays are made from robust, shatterproof PS. They are suitable for use with all capsules from Size 2 to Size 00