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Cookie Policy
We do use cookies to track the number of users visiting our site.
What Are Cookies?  
Cookies are small files that may be stored on your computer (or other Internet enabled devices, such as a smart phones and tablets) when you visit our site.

Does this website use cookies?
Yes. We use cookies to obtain statistical information about the numbers of visitors to the website and how those visitors use our website. We may use this information to improve the website.
Can you identify me?
No. We do not collect any information that can identify individual users. All information that we obtain from cookies is anonymous.
Can I opt our of receiving cookies?
Yes. Most Internet browsers can be configured not to accept cookies. You can also delete cookies. Your browser will have instructions on how to do this.
We value your privacy and we respect the law.
If you have any concerns about cookies and this website please email us web@sampling.com