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TeleScoop - Water Sampler
TeleScoop - Water Sampler TeleScoop - Water Sampler TeleScoop - Water Sampler TeleScoop - Water Sampler TeleScoop - Water Sampler

TeleScoop - Water Sampler

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Our new improved TeleScoop is the ultimate extendable sampler for liquid and water sampling. It consists of our robust, lightweight telescopic poles with a detachable sample collecting attachment.

This is the ideal sampler to use when sampling from places such as: overhead gantries, river banks, water outlets etc. The extendable rods can be used to sample difficult o reach places.


The Sampling Systems telescopic poles are available in a wide range of sizes up to 6m long. They have our new quick clip so interchanging the heads of the sampler is very quick without the use of tools. A large choice of attachments are all interchangeable with the telescopic rods. They are all available from stock for fast delivery worldwide. The attachments include

  • ANGULAR BEAKER - The beaker comes with an adapter so it can be set at pre-determined angles

  • PENDULUM BEAKER – Always keeps the beaker in the horizontal position

  • BOTTLE HOLDER – The ideal tool where you want to use your own bottles. The bottle can be easily taken out and changed

  • NETS – a range of nets for catching contamination in water etc….
  Specification Sheets   Certificate
5065A Telescopic Rods (all lengths) - aluminium - specification sheet 5065A Aluminium Telescopic Rods - Certificate of Conformity
5065S-1500 Telescopic Rod 800 to 1500mm - stainless steel - specification sheet 5065S Stainless Steel Telescopic Rods - Certificate of Conformity
5065S-3000 Telescopic Rod 1500 to 3000mm - stainless steel - specification sheet    
5065S-4500 Telescopic Rod 1500 to 4500mm - stainless steel - specification sheet    
5065B-502 Angular Beaker - 500ml    5065B Angular Beakers - Certificate of Conformity
5065B-1002 Angular Beaker - 1000ml    
5065B-2000 Angular Beaker - 2000ml    
5065B-1001B Angular Beaker (316L  stainless steel) 1000ml    5065B-1001B Angular Beaker 316L ss - Certificate of Conformity
5065C-502 Pendulum Beaker - 500ml    5065C Pendulum Beakers - Certificate of Conformity
5065C-1002 Pendulum Beaker - 1000ml    
5065C-2000 Pendulum Beaker - 2000ml    
5065C-1001B Pendulum Beaker (316L  stainless steel) 1000ml 5065C-1001B Pendulum Beaker 316L ss - Certificate of Conformity
5065D-502 Bottle Holder with 500ml Bottle    5065D Bottle Holders - Certificate of Conformity
5065D-1002 Bottle Holder with 1000ml Bottle    
5065D-503 Bottle Holder with 500ml Bottle (316L ss) 5065D-503 Bottle Holder and stainless bottle 500ml - Certificate of Conformity
5065M-310 Surface Net
5065N-190 Deep Catch Net


Part No. Description Length mm Volume ml Material
5065A-1001 Rod (fixed Length) - 1000mm 1000 - Aluminium & Plastic
5065A-1201 Telescopic Rod 1200mm 750 to 1200 - Aluminium & Plastic
5065A-2501 Telescopic Rod 2500mm 1370 to 2500 - Aluminium & Plastic
5065A-2801 Telescopic Rod 2800mm 1050 to 2800 - Aluminium & Plastic
5065A-3001 Telescopic Rod 3000mm 1235 to 3000 - Aluminium & Plastic
5065A-4501 Telescopic Rod 4500mm 1735 to 4500 - Aluminium & Plastic
5065A-6001 Telescopic Rod 6000mm 1845 to 6000 - Aluminium & Plastic
5065B-502 Angular Beaker 500ml - 500 Polypropylene
5065B-1002 Angular Beaker 1000ml - 1000 Polypropylene
5065B-2000 Angular Beaker 2000ml - 2000 Polypropylene
5065B-1001B Angular Beaker 316Lss - 1000ml - 1000 316L ss
5065C-502 Pendulum Beaker 500ml - 500 Polypropylene
5065C-1002 Pendulum Beaker 1000ml - 1000 Polypropylene
5065C-2000 Pendulum Beaker 2000ml - 2000 Polypropylene
5065C-1001B Pendulum Beaker 316ss 1000ml - 1000 316L ss
5065D-502 Bottle Holder 500ml - 500 HDPE & PP
5065D-1002 Bottle Holder 1000ml - 1000 HDPE & PP
5065D-503 Bottle Holder 500ml. Stainless bottle - 500 316L ss
5065M-310 Surface Catch Net 310 x 280 - PP & Polyamide
5065N-190 Deep Catch Net 190 x 430 - PP & Polyamide
3111A-01 Wrist Strap
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