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The Extendable Sampler For Liquid Sampling

The TeleScoop is suitable for taking samples from liquids and suspensions. The TeleScoop consists of a telescopic pole with a detachable sample collecting attachment.

A range of light weight, aluminum telescopic handles is available which makes this the ideal sampler to use when sampling from places such as: overhead gantries, river banks, water outlets etc.

The attachments are all interchangeable with the telescopic rods.

The light weight TeleScoop is ideal for envirnonmental sampling

Attachments for telescopic rods
Angular Beaker

Angular Beaker 5065B

The beaker can be easily adjusted to the required angle

Stainless Beaker

Stainless Beaker


Pendulum Beaker

Pendulum Beaker 5065C

Always swings to the upright position

Bottle Holder

Bottle Holder 5065D

Suitable for bottles up to 95mm diameter. Price includes one 750ml LDPE bottle

Surface Net

Surface Net 5065M

310 x 280mm
Mesh size 2 to 5mm

Deep Catch Net Deep Catch Net 5065N

190 x 430mm
Mesh size 2 to 5mm

Telescopic Rods

Easily adjustable to the required length.
Robust, light weight aluminium or 316 stainless steel construction.

Telescopic handles are available made from 316 stainless steel or aluminium

TeleScoop Rods
Part No Description Length Material
5065S-1500 Telescopic Rod 800 to 1500mm 316 stainless steel
5065S-3000 Telescopic Rod 1500 to 3000mm 316 stainless steel
5065S-4500 Telescopic Rod 1500 to 4500mm 316 stainless steel
5065A-1200 Telescopic Rod 720 to 1200mm Aluminium & plastic
5065A-2500 Telescopic Rod 1320 to 2500mm Aluminium & plastic
5065A-2800 Telescopic Rod 1020 to 2800mm Aluminium & plastic
5065A-3000 Telescopic Rod 1230 to 3000mm Aluminium & plastic
5065A-4500 Telescopic Rod 1720 to 4500mm Aluminium & plastic
5065A-6000 Telescopic Rod 1820 to 6000mm Aluminium & plastic

TeleScoop Attachments & Spares
Part No Description Volume Material
5065B-600 Angular Beaker
600ml Polypropylene
5065B-1000 Angular Beaker 1000ml Polypropylene
5065B-2000 Angular Beaker 2000ml Polypropylene
5065B-1000B Angular Beaker 1000ml 304 Stainless Steel
5065C-600 Pendulum Beaker
600ml Polypropylene
5065C-1000 Pendulum Beaker 1000ml Polypropylene
5065C-2000 Pendulum Beaker 2000ml Polypropylene
5065C-1000B Pendulum Beaker 1000ml 304 Stainless Steel
5065D-750 Bottle Holder 750ml Polypropylene & Aluminium, LDPE bottle
8125A-750 Spare Bottle 750ml LDPE
8125A-500 Spare Bottle 500ml LDPE
5065M-310 Surface Catch Net 310 x 280mm Polypropylene & Polyamide
5065N-190 Deep Catch Net 190 x 430mm Polypropylene & Polyamide
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