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Stainless Sample Splitter
Stainless Sample Splitter

The Sampling Systems range of sample splitters (rifflers) come in various convenient sizes. The rifflers are ideal for food, environmental and chemical use.

Sample Splitters are used when dividing and reducing the bulk sample. Operation is very simple. Simply drop the sample into the top and the sample is split into two. The split sample drops into the riffle boxes underneath. Generally we recommend that that the width of the slots are 2.5 to 3 times bigger than the diameter of the largest
  • Product contact parts stainless steel
  • Available in different sizes from stock
  • Can be used in the laboratory or on site
  • Supplied with 2 receptacles

Manufactured from stainless steel. Due to the method of construction we do not recommend this for GMP pharmaceutical use.
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Part No. Description
8601S-06 Stainless Sample splitter. 6mm wide slots. 16 slots
8601S-10 Stainless Sample splitter. 10mm wide slots. 16 slots
8601S-20 Stainless Sample splitter. 20mm wide slots. 12 slots
8601S-30 Stainless Sample splitter. 30mm wide slots. 12 slots