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Reusable and disposable equipment for the laboratory. Items include jugs, trays, funnels, sterile bags, beakers.
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GMP Pallet Knife
These all stainless steel Pallet Knives are ideal for use in hygienic industries such as the pharmaceutical and food industries. Each Pallet Knife is ..
Sterile Sample Spoons
Our sterile sampling spoons are the ideal tool for taking powder or liquid samples. They are supplied individually bagged so you just need to open the..
SteriWare Mini Spoon (2.5ml and 5ml)
Single-use, disposable Dosing SpoonsIdeal for Powders and LiquidsThe Sampling Systems dosing spoons are a cost effective spoon for sampling, decanting..
SteriWare Sample Spoons RED
Our class leading red single use Spoons are manufactured from food grade polystyrene (PS) or polypropylene (PP). The sturdy handle means taking both s..
316L Stainless Steel Jugs
Our 316L Stainless Steel Jugs are robust and have a heavy duty design. These GMP jugs have straight sides, a pouring lip and a fully welded handle. Ea..
Conical Jugs
Our hygienic jugs are ideal for every day use in most sanitary conditions including food production, hospitals and chemical manufacturing. The robust..
Jugs 316ss
Stainless JugsStainless Jugs are made from high quality, corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel and have a hygienic crevice free interior.  These Jug..
Pallet Knife with Plastic Handle
Our popular pallet knives are available in a range of sizes from stock. The plastic handle is rounded so they are easy to hold and use. The blade is..
Pallet Knife with Wooden Handle
Our popular pallet knives with wooden handles are suitable when cost is critical. They are ideal for use in non critical applications because of the w..
Stainless Dipper
Stainless Dippers are ideal for taking surface samples from liquids and suspensions. The sampler has a stainless steel cup welded to a long reach hand..
Stainless Jugs
Stainless steel Jugs are ideal for use in laboratory and production environments. They have a hygienic robust design. Each jug is made from either 304..
316L Stainless Steel Trays
Our 316L stainless steel deep trays are ideal for production and laboratory work. They are a durable and hygienic alternative to plastic trays. They ..
Buckets 304ss
Our Stainless Buckets are made from heavy gauge stainless steel and are very durable. They are ideal for general purpose factory work. The buckets com..
Buckets 316 stainless
Stainless Steel Buckets Stainless Buckets are made from heavy gauge stainless steel and so are very durable. Made from 304 or 316 stainless steel Cr..
Buckets 316L Stainless Steel
The Sampling Systems 316L stainless steel buckets are ideal for use in all areas of industry. The 316L stainless steel gives excellent levels of chemi..
Long Handled Spoons - 316L Stainless Steel
Sampling Systems range of high quality 316L stainless steel spoons are used by companies all over the world. These stainless steel spoons are availab..
Medicine Cup
These small medicine beakers (30ml) are ideal for holding small amounts of powder, tablets, granules or liquids. They have a flat base and are very li..
Stainless Steel Scraper
These stainless steel scrapers are available in either durable 316L or flexible 420 stainless.  316L stainless steel gives you the chemical resistanc..
SteriWare Capsule Counting Tray
Our capsule counting trays makes accurate sorting and counting easy. They are made from robust, shatterproof PS. They are suitable for use with all c..
SteriWare Counting Triangle
The Tablet Counting Triangle from SteriWare is ideal for counting round tablets. They are manufactured and packed in a cleanroom and so can be used s..
Swing Tub
The Enviro Dipper is a simple and yet effective method of taking a liquid surface sample. Simply lower the stainless steel bucket into the liquid to ..
316L Stainless Steel Powder Funnel
Powder Funnels are designed for use when you are working with powders and granules. Every Powder Funnel has a wide diameter outlet to help prevent blo..
Industrial Funnel. 304ss. Straight Spout.
Our new range of durable funnels are made from 304 stainless steel and available in wide range of convenient sizes. They are designed for heavy duty u..
Powder Funnel
Sampling Systems' Powder Funnels have a wide diameter spout, this helps the powder flow through the funnel without forming blockages.. The wide spout..
Stainless Steel Liquid Funnel
The Sampling Systems stainless steel funnels are ideal for use with a wide range of liquids. The funnels have a fluted spout to help have a smooth po..
Tablet Counting Triangle
Counting round tablets is easy with a Tablet Counting Triangle. Simply form the tablets into even rows, count the number of rows and look up the tota..
Angled Stainless Forceps (Tweezers)
Our range of angled stainless steel tweezers make it easy to pick up intricate items such as samples, tissue, vials etc... They are manufactured from ..
Hand Paddle With Holes
The Hand Paddle is ideal for stirring and mixing liquids in a tank or vat. The short handle means it is easy to use with either one or two hands. The..
The PureBag from Sampling Systems is an ideal bag for sealing powders or liquids. These sterile bags are both cost effective and also save space. Ste..
PureBag - Stand UP
The sterile Stand Up bags make transferring samples even easier. The Bags automatically stand up and come with our twisting closure system. The bags a..
Sampling Bags
Sampling BagsNon-Sterile Bags The new range of general purpose sampling bags from Sampling Systems are made from clear food grade PE. Suitable for fo..
Beaker (316L Stainless)
Our 316L stainless steel beakers are ideal when you are collecting or processing powders and liquids. These high quality stainless steel beakers come ..
Liquid Funnel PP
Our reusable liquid funnels are made from chemically resistant PP. They are ideal for general purpose factory, laboratory and production work. They a..
Pasteur Pipette
Our single-use Pasteur pipettes are ideal for taking small volume surface samples. They are ideal for general laboratory use and sampling. The pipet..
PTFE Funnel
The PTFE Funnel is ideal for general laboratory use as it has excellent resistance to chemical attack. Virgin PTFE that conforms to FDA and USP Class ..
The Stainless steel bowls are made from a single piece of hygienic 304 stainless steel. They are ideal for use as mixing bowls or for general use in ..
Buckets With Spouts (316L Stainless)
Our heavy duty buckets are available in 15 and 20 litre sizes come with a handy pouring spout. This makes emptying fast and simple. The buckets are ma..
Deep Tray
Deep Trays made from Stainless Steel High quality stainless steel trays. These trays have a deep profile and are designed so that they can be stacked..
General Purpose Tray
The general purpose range of stainless trays are ideal for everything from mixing formulations to carrying waste. The high sides make them good for us..
Instrument Tray
The Sampling Systems range of stainless steel trays are ideal for general laboratory use as well as for carrying surgical instruments, sampling tools ..
Metal Detectable Jug
The Sampling Systems range of detectable jugs are ideal for use in food, pharma and chemical industries. They are made from a special chemically resis..
Metal Detectable Knife
The Metal Detectable Knife can be used for preparing samples as well as general laboratory use. Each moulded is moulded in a Cleanroom environment the..
Metal Detectable Ladle
Our metal detectable liquid sampling ladles are made from a special chemically resistant grade of PP. They are ideal for use in food, chemical and pha..
Metal Detectable Liquid Funnel
Our metal detectable funnels have a simple handle near the edge so they are easy to use. They are made from a special chemically resistant grade of PP..
Metal Detectable Pallet Knife and Stirrer
The detectable stirrer and pallet knives are made from a special chemically resistant grade of PP. The robust design means they can be used for years ..
Metal Detectable Powder Funnel
The Sampling Systems metal detectable powder funnels are made from a special chemically resistant grade of PP. The large spout means that powder does ..
Metal Detectable Scraper
Our detectable scrapers are ideal for work in production, industrial and laboratories. They are made from a special chemically resistant grade of PP. ..
Metal Detectable Volumetric Spoon
The Sampling Systems detectable volumetric spoons are made from a special chemically resistant grade of PP. The whole range is manufactured in cleanro..
Pots with Lids
Our Pots with Lids are ideal small scale containers with a simple drop on lid. They have a hygienic, crevice free finish. The stainless steel pots co..
Shallow Tray
Shallow Trays Shallow Trays are made from corrosion resistant stainless steel. They have many uses in laboratories and production areas. These trays ..
Sieving Tool
The Sieving Tool is designed to help break up lumps and push powders through mesh screens. The Sieving Tool is smooth and flat so that it will not dam..
Volumetric Spoons 304ss
Our Stainless steel volumetric spoons are ideal for accurately measuring volumes. The spoons are sold as a set comprising of four different volumes (..
Blue SteriWare Funnel. PP
Our range of single use, disposable liquid funnels are ideal for use in laboratories and manufacturing areas. These funnels are made from food grade p..
Blue SteriWare Scraper - PP
Disposable Blue ScraperThe Sampling Systems range of blue disposable Scrapers are available sterile and non-sterile. They are made from high quality p..
Funnel with Strainer
The Sampling Systems strainer funnel is ideal when working with products that have large particles that require removal. Pour the material into the fu..
Sterile Food Spoons
The blue sample spoon from Sampling Systems is ideal for sampling small amounts of powder. The sampling spoons are manufactured from food grade polypr..
SteriWare Funnel
Disposable, single use, sterile liquid funnels. They are ideal for use in laboratories and in manufacturing areas. These funnels are made from food ..
SteriWare Jugs (Non Graduated)
The disposable Jug range is available both pre sterilised and non sterile. This avoids any cleaning and costly cleaning validation. Simply unwrap an..
SteriWare Pallet Knife
Disposable Pallet Knives are ideal for use in manufacturing areas and laboratories. Disposable Pallet Knives are robust single piece injection moulded..
SteriWare Powder Funnel
Disposable Powder Funnels are ideal for transferring powders and granules. These powder funnels are supplied individually bagged and are available bot..
SteriWare Scraper
Disposable Scrapers are perfect for cutting, cleaning and general scraping. They are made from high quality HDPE. These scrapers are ideal in the man..
SteriWare Tweezers
Disposable Tweezers (Forceps)Tweezers with a Unique Dual Action The new disposable tweezers (forceps) from sampling systems are ideal for picking up i..
SteriWare Volumetric Spoons
SteriWare Volumetric Spoons enable set volumes to be accurately measured and sampled. These popular spoons are suitable for use with powders, granule..
Thermometer with Stainless Steel ProbeSuitable for Liquids and Solids  The Sampling Systems thermometer is a robust device ideal for a range of materi..
Titrating Burette
Automatic Titrating BurettePrecise Dosing The Sampling Systems range of automatic burettes are ideal when dosing small amounts of liquids. Highly ac..
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