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Liquid Samplers

One time use samplers for liquids, pastes and creams. Quality control equipment ideally suited for hygienic applications
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SteriWare LiquiThief
The LiquiThief is essentially a big syringe. It is simple to use and comes with the added advantage that there is no cleaning validation and ..
SteriWare ViscoThief - Ideal for Single Use Cream Sampling
Avoid time consuming cleaning with our disposable ViscoThief samplers. It takes fast samples of viscous materials like honey, creams, pastes and thick..
Double Bagged - USP Class VI Ladle
Our plastic Ladles are perfect for taking liquid samples from tubs, containers, bins etc… These ladles are designed so they can pass through standard..
SteriWare Food Ladle - Blue
Our blue ladles are ideal for taking samples of liquids and creams in food and chemical companies. Simply dip into the liquid to take the sample. The ..
SteriWare Ladle
Our range of sampling ladles are ideal for taking samples of liquids. They can be pushed into the liquid to take the sample. They are also designed to..
SteriWare Jumbo Pipette
Sampling of liquid is quick and easy with our range of jumbo pipettes. Available in 3 handy lengths which means they are ideal for sampling anything f..
SteriWare Cake Cutter
Our individually bagged cake sampler can be used straight from the bag. They are used to take a 2 – 3cm sample of the material typically in trays They..
SteriWare LiquiDip Duo
Liquid sampling can not get easier than the LiquiDip Duo.  Simply push into the liquid or material and it automatically closes when it reaches the bot..
SteriWare LiquiDip Mono
The perfect liquid sampling tool for cross sectional sampling. Push the sampler into the liquid. It closes when you push it against the bottom of the ..
Thumb Tube Pipettes
Our Thumb Tubes are one of the cheapest disposable liquid samplers on the market. They are an economical way to sample low viscosity liquids. The Thum..
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