Ultra Adhesive Process Labels

Ultra Adhesive (UA) Process Labels

UA Process Labels are designed to help prevent errors during the manufacturing process.

The labels special are printed on a special backing that has an ultra adhesive glue. These labels are ideal for use in dusty situations and are often used to seal sacks after sampling.

  • Colour coded for improved recognition by operators
  • Printed on ultra adhesive labels
  • Label size 95 x 95mm
  • Ideal for sealing holes in sacks
  • Weatherproof
  • Working Temperature Range -20 to +70°C (-5 to +160°F)
  • Available from stock for next day delivery


Part No. Label Type Print Colour Text Label Size Number of Labels per Roll
8220A-30 Ultra Adhesive Green Released 95 x 95 mm 500
8220A-31 Ultra Adhesive Blue Sampled 95 x 95 mm 500
8220A-32 Ultra Adhesive Orange Quarantine 95 x 95 mm 500
8220A-33 Ultra Adhesive Black Rejected 95 x 95 mm 500
8220A-34 Ultra Adhesive Yellow In Process 95 x 95 mm 500
8220A-35 Ultra Adhesive Red Dispensed 95 x 95 mm 500
8220A-51 Ultra Adhesive Red & Yellow Allergen 95 x 95 mm 500
8220A-52 Ultra Adhesive Red Dirty 95 x 95 mm 500
8220A-53 Ultra Adhesive Green Clean 95 x 95 mm 500
8220A-54 Ultra Adhesive Blue Not for Human Use 95 x 95 mm 500
8220A-07 Label Dispenser for 95mm wide labels