Liquid storage and dispensing

These carboys are manufactured from heavy duty polypropylene which is not only physically tough but offers excellent chemical resistance.
  • 10L & 20L sizes
  • With or without stopcock
  • All polymers FDA acceptable and USP Class VI compliant
  • Certified BSE/TSE free


Carboys are suitable forthe storage and dispensing of liquids

Part No Nominal Volume Stopcock (Tap) Included? Diameter Hight
8132P-10 10 Litres No 250 mm 390 mm
8132P-10T 10 Litres Yes 250 mm 390 mm
8132P-20 20 Litres No 290 mm 530 mm
8132P-20T 20 Litres Yes 290 mm 530 mm

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